When it’s chatty in my head I become restless. When I look at who or what is chatting so loudly, it’s often not just one. These chatterers are called ‘aspects’.

They live a life of their own in my head and are created due to past, oftentimes bad experiences. Their purpose, according to these aspects, is to save me from harm. In sturdier cases, they are pure survival mechanisms.

However, they can really get in the way if I want to continue to grow as a person. They tell me all kinds of things about how something should be done and why. Very convincing too.

But they are often wrong and trying to hide from them or trying to put them away doesn’t help. Then what?

Facing them does help

Observing while sensing them at the same time. Feeling them completely. Allowing. That does help. It’s scary sometimes and can meet with resistance.

They can’t handle being exposed very well, because ‘exposure’ means that they can disappear like snow in the sun. The aspect considers itself very important and does not want to leave. Slippery soap. Hence the resistance.

Aspect ‘The proud, hard worker’

I sometimes come across the aspect ‘the proud, hard worker’. This one thinks I should never sit down. I always have to do something. Standing still is moving backwards. Right?

That’s what this aspect thinks. It thinks it saves me from the emptiness that’ll follow. For the vacuum that can attract other and new things over which they have no control.

Or even scarier: what if I’m going to fill up that space? I do want to. I want to grow. I want to expand. I want space for that’s what’s inside. I want to come forth, preferably with all that I am.


This ‘proud, hard worker’ therefore has to come to a standstill. But how? Simply by the observation, the allowing, and awareness of its existence. You did a good job ‘proud, hard worker’. I learned from you. You protected me. Now your job is done.

A deep, grateful sigh follows. Poof… and it’s gone. A beautiful and simple process. A conscious process. Light of heart, mind, and soul I’m able to continue.

How about you?

What aspect is being chatty in your head? Can you name it?

If it’s in your way, but you can’t put your finger on it (also a slippery piece of soap), a good conversation may help you.

If you wish to learn more about aspects, I highly recommend the New Energy Psychology Class ‘Aspectology’, a core cloud class by the Crimson Circle, USA.