From soul level to day-to-day activities

You are a conscious entrepreneur. And you’re stuck. In yourself. In your company. You may have tried several things already: coaching, online courses, a new method. It did help for a while.

But there it is, again. Like – what we Dutch call – ‘a blow from a windmill blade’. Shoot…

What’s happening here is that the stinger is still present. Apparently on a layer that the previous attempts couldn’t reach. Or better phrased: you couldn’t reach it, yet.

Frieda Bakker

Once you know the stinger isn’t taken out, you also know that this is what’s holding you back. And, that it’ll continue to do so when it’s not adressed properly, on thát level.

Hi! My name is Frieda. A highly intuitive, conscious consultant and I can help you with this through a ‘Reading PLUS’. In which I read both you, your company, and the interaction between you two.

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Alkmaar (NED)
Walks (NED)

Unique holistic approach

By using my ability to read your energy and follow your inner process intuitively,


By combining that with your psychology, business story, and behavior, it’s possible to fully comprehend the (unconscious) dynamics at play.

Together we’ll place the retrieved pieces of the puzzle into your day-to-day business practice.

This holistic, intuitive approach with its depth – yet practical – is unique in business and thé way to effectively and sustainably solve recurring issues.

I’m specialized in sales and start-ups.

The results

  Ease of mind
•  More energy due to the elimination of draining inner chatter
•  Raised consciousness
•  Renewed creativity with an eye for potentials

And thus the ability to make the necessary lasting changes in your business.


I use a space downtown Alkmaar and go for walks in the region. When traveling I can meet you on location. Ask about my whereabouts.
When this isn’t possible, online means are available.

Contact me to schedule a free discovery call.

I am Frieda

Besides being an intuitive reader, I’m an entrepreneur as well. I’ve been active in the fields of agriculture and the international building and small-housing industry. The services I provide(d) are sales, project management, and consulting on the matter.

In business I always combine practicality with intuition. I’m very perceptive and like to simplify too. I do this with both the tangible and not so tangible aspects such as my belongings, business, ánd myself.

To me it’s about going back to the essence of it all. What follows is a sense of relief… ahhhhh. Splendid!

Contact me

Let’s schedule a free discovery call and find out what works best for you.

I’ve been working around the globe for over 6 years now and am therefore well equipped and organized to consult you on your business through several online means.


“Frieda Bakker is an exceptional consultant. Her advice is precise and simple and comes from experience.
She is an inspiration as she integrates gut, heart, and head to pursue practical solutions and pathways to evolve your aspirations.”

Jill Grawert (Berlin, Germany), Yoga teacher

“Frieda offers pure and clear insights. No frills. That resonated with me right away and she hit the nail on the head.”

Fabiola Koopmans (Tuitjenhorn, The Netherlands), Coach