Your company is you.


Why is your company you? Because you created it. It therefore has the same blueprint.
Your aspects are in there and reflected back at you through your company, its clients, employees, business partners, and even through processes.

That realization is key if you wish to address recurring issues, struggles, or are simply longing for a more effortless, efficient, and natural way of working, in all assets of your company.

This is how I approach business myself and that’s the starting point of the coaching and consulting I’m offering here.

My name is Frieda Bakker and I’m an international entrepreneur in the building industry.
As a coach and consultant I bring to the table my experiences and insights, and assist entrepreneurs, starters, CEOs, managers, and sales representatives around the globe in this process of realization.


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Overcoming internal obstacles in the early stages of a new project or business venture

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Restoring the connection between you and your business by going back to the start: you

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Gaining insight in own behavior and intentions and their effect on both customer and results

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