Nice to meet you!

Ever since I was able to consciously sense and think for myself, I was aware of my soul’s wish. I wanted to be all that I am. I was fascinated by the re-incarnation process as I was able to sense how my soul slowly but surely entered my body. In hindsight this is what’s now called ‘full embodiment’.


On my way towards this integration of my soul and my human, a process that can take lifetimes, I stumbled upon challenges. Sometimes old ones from my soul. Sometimes human conditions I picked up along the way by my own doing, upbringing, ancestral DNA, society, culture or zeitgeist. I downsized a lot of those to the point where I master the art of embodiment, while being a conscious human being here on earth.

All that I am, with all that is

However, to me embodiment is more than just the integration of the soul in human form. How to BE in a society that is very mental and heavily focused on outward forces? This has probably been my biggest challenge.

For that reason it has been my preference to be on my own. Just me, because as soon as I stepped into the world I had to shut parts of myself off. The moment I was ready for full embodiment that started to itch and no longer worked for me. I came to the realization that the outside world is me too. It’s part of my human experience and thus this ‘human-layer’ that also consists of housing, work, living, food, sports, relationships, income or business wants to integrate with me too. I want to be all that I am, with all that is.

Creating new pathways

Since this is new territory I’m my own student ánd teacher. As I go, being fully embodied in this society, I’m experiencing life in new ways. A pioneer of sorts. Trusting my soul and allowing its wisdom while my human and life on this planet, with all that it entails, is still very present and actively lived. And as everything is coming together, it creates new pathways in this world, defying what we perceive as normal.

Current job endeavor

Innovation & Transition | Management and Strategic Advice in Amsterdam

The Dutch Building Industry faces several challenges such as shortages of housing, labor and materials. Plus, the footprint it leaves behind is too big.

To meet these challenges requires a different approach and a fresh take on what we’ve been doing for years. I’m helping out a construction company and group with exactly that.

Businesses and achievements

My Tiny House NL – The Netherlands (2015 – 2022)
Providing advocacy and advice to the international housing market.

Frog Ventures, LLC – USA (2018 – 2021)
Service providing company focusing on management and sales of small-living developments, modular (tiny) houses, and consulting on the topics.

This was fun! I created the first Tiny House blog in The Netherlands. Went to the States. Became a top seller in a Small-Living Development in the Rockies of Colorado. Was a published co-author in the American book Turning Tiny and a returning speaker at the biggest Tiny House Event in the world; the Tiny House Jamboree. Wrote about this in my own column for a Dutch magazine and was interviewed by several Dutch national newspapers, magazines and international podcasts. All because I wanted a tiny house.

Personal interests

I have a green thumb and thus vegetable gardens on my roof terrace and indoor plants wherever I’m able to put or grow them.

I occasionally SUP and stretch in yoga classes. I picked up my bow again and practice archery on a weekly basis now.

Walks on the beach are the best and so is travelling, coffee with my parents, hugs from my sister’s dog, and courses with the Crimson Circle – my go-to place for inspiration.